The Siegel family has enjoyed working with rural and small town folks in providing goods and services for many years.   Thank you for your support!!!

Left to right:  John (retired), Kathy (retired) , Theresa, Ben, and Josh

Happy New Year from all of us at Siegel's Country Store!


RECAP of Siegel's Country Store - 2016

Happy New Year from all of us at Siegel's Country Store!
The year 2016 marked our 12th year in business here in Covington.  We had a prosperous year thanks to all of our customers who continue to come to our store.  We thank you for your support and patronage.

HARDWARE:  This area of the business continues to grow with a top-notch selection of tools, and parts that rival the big stores.  Our customer service is the BIG difference and cannot be matched.

RENTAL:  Last year we continued to grow the rental part of our business adding several new pieces of equipment to the lineup responding to customer requests.  We plan to continue to expand the rental department to meet the needs of the do-it-yourself weekend project or commercial business. 

LIVESTOCK FEEDS … are a huge part of our business. Last year, we saw an increase in the number of tons of livestock feeds sold at Siegel's.  We can meet the needs of the producer who has just a few animals with bagged feed in our drive thru or you can get bulk feed directly from the feed plant.  We also expanded our offering of Organic and Non GMO feeds.

GREENHOUSES … are a major part of what we do here, even though the season from opening to closing the houses is about 6-8 weeks.  We specialize in heirloom but also offer hybrids to give our customers a wide range of plants from which to choose.  Look for even bigger things to come in 2017. 

SPECIAL:    We had our Apple Squeezing Day in September where customers brought their apples to be pressed into juice.  Our annual ‘Chick Day’ in April had over 3000 chicks finding their way to becoming layers or fryers.  We do chick day a little differently than other places.  We take orders for day old chicks and allow people to get exactly what they want, one of the special services we offer. November is noted for our annual Muck Boot Sale, we offer a discount on all our muck boots, great timing for Christmas.


2015:     And … today, December 31, 2015, marks the last day for me (Kathy) as part owner of Siegel’s Country Store.  At the end of 2015, I joined John in being officially retired.  We will still be working occasionally and you will see me in the greenhouses for sure this spring. 

I will miss all of you who have become friends over the years and hope to see you on occasion.  It has been a great 11 years, where coming to the store to work each day has been a real pleasure, getting to become a part of this community has been a wonderful experience.  John and I plan on doing a little traveling, taking care of our farm, and I want to get in some horseback riding while I can still get in the saddle!  I know my family will continue to serve our customers and offer the service that has made our little store a success. 

THANK YOU, ALL!  ~ Kathy



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