Information on Heirloom and Hybrid Tomatoes

Do you love tomatoes?      Fresh, juicy, right from the vine?        Do you like a meaty tomato that makes great salsa? 

Then Siegel's is the place for you to choose your favorite variety.  We specialize in many varieties of Heirloom and Hybrid tomatoes. 

WHAT IS AN HEIRLOOM TOMATO?  Heirloom plants are grown from seeds that have been handed down thru generations, saved from year to year, some varieties dating back hundreds of years.  The seeds are never cross pollinated  and so they remain true to their particular characteristics. Heirloom tomatoes come in all colors, shapes, and sizes Ė Reds, Pinks, Yellows, Orange, White, Green, Striped, and Black.  Ranging in  sizes of cherry and grape to  large grapefruit size, meaty, or juicy.  WHY HEIRLOOM? These tomatoes are more natural, they are non GMO (genetically modified). They do not have as long of a shelf life as store bought tomatoes, but that is what makes them special.  These tomatoes are indeterminant  (they grow all season, they flower all season and they produce tomatoes all season.  They donít stop until frost.  Once heirloom tomatoes are picked, they do not have a long shelf life as hybrids but they more than make up for any shortcomings in flavor. 

WHAT ARE HYBRID TOMATOES?   Hybrid tomatoes are just what they say they are, they are a cross of two parent plants to produce the best of both genetics.  The reason hybrids were developed was for better health, disease resistant, consistent size, a tougher tomato that could be shipped without damage, and stored for a longer period.   The plants are usually determinant (they grow to a certain size and stop) and most tomatoes ripen all at the same time.  Some hybrids are now genetically modified to have resistance to disease bred into their DNA.  If these are the qualities you are looking for, hybrids are an excellent choice.  


Heirloom Tomatoes - 2017

Abe Lincoln
Alpha Pink
Amana Orange
Amish Gold Slicer
Amish Rose
Anna Asa
Anna Russian
Arbat Russian
Arbat Russian
Arkansas Traveler
Aunt Swarlo's Polish Plum
Aunti Ruby's German Green
Basket Vee
Bear Claw
Beauty King
Belgian Farmer's Beefsteak
Berkeley Tie Dye
Big White Pink
Big Zebra
Bitje Swede
Black Bear
Black Cherry
Black From Tuca
Black Icicle
Black Krim
Black Plum
Black Sea Man
Black Trifele
Bloody Butcher
Bonny Best
Box Car Willie
Brandywine Stran Sudduth
Brave General
Butler Skinner
Chang Li
Chapman Special
Cherokee Green
Cherokee Purple
Clear Pink Early
Comstock Sauce & Scile
Crimson Cushion
Cuore do Toro
David Davidson's 
Debbie Blackburn
Dixie Golden Giant
Don's Double Delight


Dr Neal
Dr Wyche's Yellow
Dr. Caroline
El Roy
Fox Cherry
German Breault
German Head
German Johnson
German Pink 
German Red Strawberry
Giallo De Summer
Giant Delicious
Giant Italian
Gold Stripe
Golden Jubilee
Goose Creek
Granpa Ludolph's German
Great White
Green Castle
Green Giant
Green Zebra
Grightmire's Cride
Henry Meyer
Herb Taylor Golden
Howard German
Italian Stripe
Italian Sweet
Jaune Flammee
Jeff Davis
Kellogg's Breakfast
Kentucky Pink Stamper
Kristina Vatcheva
Lady Lucy
Leatha's Italian
Lemon Drop
Lillian's Yellow
Lincoln Adams
Livingston's Beauty 


Marizol Bratka
Marizol Purple
Marlowe Charleston
Marriana Pease
Mayo's Delight
McClintock Big Pink
Mexico Midget
Morning Sun
Mortgage Lifter
Mr. Stripey
Nebraska Wedding
Oaxacan Jewel
Old German
Old Virginia
Old Wyandotte
Oleyar's German
OTV Brandywine
Ozark Pink
Palmira's Northern Italian
Pantano Romanesco
Pearly Pink
Pike County Yellow
Principe Borghese
Pruden's Purple
Purple Calabash
Raspberry Giant
Red Brandywine
Rouge D'Irak
Sandul Moldovan
Scarlet Gem
Sink Stripe
Sophie's Choice
Sun Gold
Tasty Evergreen
TC Jones 
Tidwell German
Tiffin Mennonite
Tommy Toe
Tumbling Tom
Watermelon Beefsteak
White Queen
WWW Black Brandywine
Yellow Brandywine
Yellow Pear





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